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Hey from Wisconsin! I'm Tara, the one-woman show behind Cracked Designs. I'm an expert at making small talk awkward, and think fart jokes are hilarious. I'm great at parties. And even better at sarcasm.

Born in the land of beer and cheese back in 2008, I've been committed to drawing up each card by hand and coming up with weird and punny ideas. Most of our cards feature hand embellishments like fuzzy felt, moving pieces, glitter and more. These thoughtful elements make each card a tiny work of art that are full of love. Our cards are all printed on eco-friendly recycled card stock, and are best appreciated in person, so you can take in the handmade touches firsthand.

As a one woman operation, I pour everything I have into C.D. I'm weird, maybe a little bit funny, and love milking that potty humor for all that it's worth. Each design that goes through my hands is a little part of me, and I have so much fun coming up with designs. I always try to make sure that fun shines through.

In addition to running C.D., I recently became a full time art teacher, and am a mom to two little boys. Which means, I basically never rest.

I take my old fashioned - brandy sour. I love music, my A-Frame cabin, hiking, road trips, eating too much cheese, local breweries, and binging anything true crime.

Follow me on Instagram, so you can see inside our weird and wonderful world!

Our stockists continually update, making it hard to properly update our accurate whereabouts!
Please contact us directly if you'd like to know if we're in your area.
For shops inquiring about wholesale, please visit our Faire shop, or contact us directly.
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